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"The transport sector is transitioning to a decarbonised future. This is a huge shift from where it is today and the clock is ticking, targets are set and legislation in place.

The energy we use to power our fleets is being thought of in ways it has never done so before. 

This is not an evolution for the sector, it is a revolution"

Focus Net Zero's mission is simple: help our clients to be future-ready so they can thrive in a decarbonised future. 

We offer three levels of service: Assess, Advise, Apply

The UK government is looking to business leaders to deliver on its net zero obligations. Therefore, you will need to understand what that will mean for your business

To do this, an evaluation of current operations is critical to understand where you are today and how you can transition to a decarbonised future

Focus Net Zero will measure and assess your current fleet operations giving you a baseline of where your business is today, where it needs to get to, and a strategic approach to achieve it.

The assessment will empower you to start on your journey with defined practical & pragmatic targets.



A transition to a decarbonised fleet will impact all parts of your operating model. Energy consumption and management will play a pivotal role in future operations and therefore a change of this size will be complex and take time to complete. The change needs to be carefully managed to ensure targets and compliance are met but that customer service and revenues do not suffer. 

Building on the assessment stage, Focus Net Zero will work with you to build a practical & pragmatic plan that achieves your sustainability ambitions, as well as your business ones. This is a strategic plan that your teams can take through to completion. Ongoing periodic governance is available from the team at FNZ so you can adapt as you progress and stay focussed on achieving your goals. 



Your business may not the capacity to deliver the change and therefore you will need external support. The specialist knowledge involved in decarbonising your fleet may also be new to you and expert involvement an essential requirement. 


Focus Net Zero will be your implementaiton partners providing professional project & programme management ensuring your plan is delivered and the benefits realised. 


Watch:5 tips to get you started on fleet decarbonisation

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