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What to expect from a partnership with us

  • A kick start to your decarbonisation journey so that you are ready to support your customers and stay ahead of the competition

  • Specialist expertise that brings together the multi-faceted world of transitioning to net zero operations into one coherent strategy and plan

  • Practical & pragmatic solutions ensuring ROI

  • Access to SME Partnerships to benefit you with industry leading solutions and advice whilst accelerating your progress

  • Proven change experts to ensure smooth transition to new ways of working and process adoption 


FNZ Founder & Lead Consultant

Stephen Fitter

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  • Passionate about environmental change

  • Over 16 years of successful change management experience across a breadth of organisations, functions & sectors

  • ESOS transport auditor

  • Logistics & Supply Chain specialist with over 20 years in the industry

  • Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics & Transport

  • 2024 Fleet Trends Trusted Expert

  • LinkedIn

connect with Stephen

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07568 537867

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